A Comprehensive Analysis of the Microarray Gene Expression Protocol and Results Using the Mouse T-cell Gene Expression Profile

Onoriode Oyiborhoro, Oriakhi Kelly, Esosa S. Uhunmwangho, Kingsley A. Iteire, Enoh F. Akpojotor

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Biochemical Changes Associated with Consumption (by Rats) of “Garri” Processed by Traditional and Instant Mechanical Methods

A. I. Airaodion, A. C. Ene, E. O. Ogbuagu, V. N. Okoroukwu, J. A. Ekenjoku, U. Ogbuagu

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Extraction, Purification and Kinetic Study of Lactate Dehydrogenase of Male Chicken from Ebocha-oil Exploration Area, Nigeria

Chimdi E. Esonu, G. O. C. Onyeze, Kizito M. E. Iheanacho, Linus N. Nwaogu, Simon-Peter Odirichukwu

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Effects of Powdered Stem Bark of Terminalia avicennioides Made as Dietary Feed Fed to Mice Infected with Plasmodium berghei, on Liver Function

Afolabi Owoloye, Olusegun Matthew Akanbi, Oluwafemi Shittu Bakare

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Biochemical Characterization on Photosynthetic Activities during Dark Incubated Senescence of Wheat Primary Leaves by Gibberellic Acid

G. Fareeda, S. D. S. Murthy

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The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Open Pollination in Musa Breeding

Victoria Wilson, Abdou Tenkouano

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Studies on the Phytochemical Compounds in the Ethanolic Leaf Extract (ELE), Ethanolic Bark Extract (EBE) and Ethanolic Root Extract (ERE) of Bridelia ferruginea Benth (Euphorbiaceae)

Abdullahi Attah Alfa, Orukotan Abimbola Ayodeji, Goji Anthony Donatus Teru, Kokori Bajeh Tijani

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Effect of Silymarin on Cathepsin Activity and Oxidative Stress in TNBS-induced Colitis in Rats

Gokhan Bayramoglu, Hakan Senturk, Gungor Kanbak, Mediha Canbek, Aysegul Bayramoglu, Eda Dokumacioglu, Selin Engur

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Protein Uptake and Utilization of Moringa olifera Leaves and Seeds Fed to Rats as a Dietary Supplement

N. N. Umerah, A. I. Asouzu, J. I. Okoye

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