Studies on the Productive Traits and Relationship between Breeds of Cattle (Friesian Bunaji Cross, Bunaji and Sokoto Gudali) Using Blood Biochemical Polymorphism

D. S. Bunjah, Umar, B. I. Nwagu, U. A. Umar, O. O. Rufina, I. Saleh

Page: 13-21
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Enterotoxigenicity of Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Dry Catfish Sold in Some Open Markets in Zaria - Nigeria

Joseph O. Oko, Gbonjubola O. Adeshina, Josiah A. Onaolapo

Page: 22-27
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Genetic Kinship of Nilem Fish Strains (Osteochillus hasselti)

Yuli Andriani, Ibnu Dwi Buwono, Ujang Subhan, Arini Mandhasia

Page: 28-37
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Expression Pattern of Mitogen-inducible Gene 6 in Relation to the Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase Pathway and Redox Status in Patients with Endometriosis

Nada Hashem Ayad, Hanaa Hibishy Gaballah, Hesham Abd El-Aziz Salem, Sobhy Abd El-Hamid Hassan, Safwat Mohamed Kasem

Page: 38-51
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Pathogen Inducible cis-acting Elements of Synthetic Promoters in Plants-review

Rashmi Hegde

Page: 1-12
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