Modulatory Effects of Some Fruit Juices on Lipid Profile in Rats Fed with High Lipid Diet

Habibu Tijjani, Enoch Banbilbwa Joel, Carrol Domkat Luka

Page: 1-8
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Antioxidant Properties and Protective Effect of Aqueous Anti-Ulcer Drug (AQAUD) against Aspirin-induced Gastric Ulcers in Albino Rats

B. A. Mba, C. S. Alisi, A. C. Ene

Page: 9-21
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Rheology and Acceptance of Pap (Zea mays) Enriched with Jatropha carcus Leaves to Improve Iron Status in Children

A. I. Asouzu, N. N. Umerah

Page: 22-34
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Effects of Malting on Nutritional Characteristics of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan)

A. I. Asouzu, N. N. Umerah

Page: 35-47
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Modeling the Antimicrobial Resistance of Enterobacteria Responsible for Urinary Tract Infections in Benin: Another Way to Control Antimicrobial Resistance

Victorien Dougnon, Phénix Assogba, Jean-Pierre Gnimatin, Jerrold Agbankpé, Hornel Koudokpon, Esther Déguénon, Kafayath Fabiyi, The Global Taskforce for AMR Control Consortium, Sèdami Romarique Médégan Fagla, Yêyinou Laura Estelle Loko, Omédine Koukoui, Luc Djogbenou, Jacques Dougnon, Honoré Bankolé, Lamine Baba- Moussa

Page: 48-61
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