Chemical Analysis of (Lagenaria siceraria) Calabash Seeds Oil

M. Hashimu, J. Ibrahim, S. Y. Lema, J. Suleiman

Page: 24-30
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Determination of LD50, Fecundity and Locomotor Effects of Methanol Root Extract of Ximenia americana Linn, in Drosophila melanogaster

Great David Bagu, Simeon Omale, Walter Mdekera Iorjiim, Mary O. Uguru, Steven Samuel Gyang

Page: 1-9
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Evaluation of Influence of Archachatina marginata Mucin on the Body Weight and Some Gastric Secretions of Wistar Rats Induced with Gastric Ulcer

Rizwan, A. Ansari, Karimah, Mohammad Rabiu, Oludunni Otanwa Omolabake, Elendu Melford Uche

Page: 31-36
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Intracellular Protein Biosynthesis: A Review

Abdulsalam Alhalmi, Nafaa Alzobaidi, Amer Abdulrahman

Page: 10-18
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